“Heidi Sand-Hart’s “Home Keeps Moving” authenticates the TCK experience. Her personal stories demonstrate the tangible reality of the TCK theories we have been reading and hearing about for years.” – Tina L Quick, author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition


Original photos from inside Home Keeps Moving...

1. Spending time with Indian ladies in Derby, UK, 1981
2. The Sand siblings: Ben, myself and Samuel, Derby, UK, 1984
3. Our Sunday School at my parents Asian church, Derby, UK, 1984
4. Traveling in style in India, 1986
5. Encountering different cultures, Jammu and Kashmir, India, 1986
6. Competing in Sports Day at Hebron School, India, 1987
7. Punjab, India - 1986
8. With Ben, on our first day at Hebron School. Taken at Montauban Guest House, India - 1987
9. Front-stage at a crusade in Chennai, India, 1989
10. With Ben, pretending to sell lungis (sarongs) Indian-style, Kanyakumari, 1989
11. Ben & I watch the Kerala fishermen asses their catch, Kovalam Beach, India, 1989
12. A family trip to the Taj Mahal, India, 1991
13. Coconuts fresh off the tree, Kerala, India, 1991 
14. Taking in the beautiful Norwegian scenery, 1994
15. Homework time at Montauban Guest House, India, 1995 
16. With my orphanage sisters, Ooty, India, 1998
17. My adopted English grandmother, Laura Waite, visiting in Norway, 1996
18. My mother and adopted Indian grandfather, Frank Stephens, Nilgiri Hills, India, 1998
19. Our wedding, Kovalam Beach, India, 2008
20. My husband & I volunteering at Agape Home orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2008/2009

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