“Heidi Sand-Hart’s “Home Keeps Moving” authenticates the TCK experience. Her personal stories demonstrate the tangible reality of the TCK theories we have been reading and hearing about for years.” – Tina L Quick, author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation

The charity I work for - The Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation - officially launched on Tuesday the 20th March and our website went live. 

You can now read all about us at: 

AND there are some fabulous videos about Charlotte which will give you a better idea of what we do. Watch them here:


For more info or if you want to donate, e-mail me at: heidi@charlottefoundation.org

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Horse & Rider

A film that I'm really looking forward to...filmed partly in my hometown of Ooty, India. You can pre-order the film at: http://freedomfirm.storenvy.com/products/179432-horse-rider-a-journey-towards-freedom

Please support their worthy cause to "free the daughters of India"...