“Heidi Sand-Hart’s “Home Keeps Moving” authenticates the TCK experience. Her personal stories demonstrate the tangible reality of the TCK theories we have been reading and hearing about for years.” – Tina L Quick, author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

Friday, 2 December 2011

Book Review

I recently received a book review from Expat Info Desk

"Home Keeps Moving - A Glimpse into the Extraordinary Life or a Third Culture Kid" by Heidi Sand-Hart takes a look at the how the pressures of living overseas can impact the lives of children and serves as a vehicle through which Third Culture Kids can deal with their emotions. 

Based on Sand-Hart’s own experiences of living overseas as a child, the book openly shares some of the frustrations and confusions that she felt as she tried to deal with life in a foreign country. In very simple terms she explains her own journey and experiences and uses them as a means of helping children to understand some of the emotions they may feel as Third Culture Kids and how they can deal with them. Throughout the book she interlaces excerpts that have been written by other expatriate children as they too share details of their experiences growing up abroad..."

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