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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation

The charity I work for - The Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation - officially launched on Tuesday the 20th March and our website went live. 

You can now read all about us at: 

AND there are some fabulous videos about Charlotte which will give you a better idea of what we do. Watch them here:


For more info or if you want to donate, e-mail me at: heidi@charlottefoundation.org


  1. Took a look at the website. It is awful that such a bright young dancer's life was taken away at a young age. What a beautiful way to celebrate her life! I teach dance for an organization in the public schools here in Brooklyn and wish that some of my students had the means to take extra lessons. The organization I work for has a program for scholarships for those that show promise, drive, and talent for training.

  2. Yes, what happened to Charlotte is tragic but it's amazing how her parents are looking to help others at this time. I am honoured to work for the charity alongside them. All the best in your endeavours!