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Thursday, 15 July 2010

child of the jungle

I just finished reading "child of the jungle" (or "jungle child") by Sabine Kuegler and this is my review:

"Wow...where to begin? A very intriguing insight into life in the jungles of Indonesia for a German "missionary" family. Sabine tells her story very descriptively and brings the jungle to life. I was more interested, however, in her integration back into the West after such a sheltered childhood, but she sped through that part a little too fast for my liking. Understandably she wanted to convey her love for the colourful and remote upbringing she was lucky enough to have, and bring that to life. And in that, she suceeded."

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend this book.
What did you think?


  1. Since I also grew up in papua, I loved the book and her stories of growing up in her village. I was saddened by her stories of arriving back in Europe, and I think she may have sped through this because that part of the story isn't yet concluded - she's still processing.

  2. Hi Kacie,

    I got the same feeling and was saddened about her return to Europe. I know she's written a sequel but it hasn't been translated into English yet so we shall have to wait to hear more about her journey!